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LauncherOne, the First Rocket Launch from UK Soil

Credit: Virgin Orbit

The LauncherOne blasted off into space on 9 January and could be visible across the UK, Ireland, and parts of Spain, Portugal, and France.

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It was the first orbital rocket launch from UK soil and carried skyward from Spaceport Cornwall.

Virgin Orbit, the launch operator, released maps to show where and when people could expect to see it in the sky.

People in the UK and Ireland could witness LauncherOne within 60 seconds of ignition, the launch window opening at 10.16 pm.

Meanwhile, coastal regions in Spain, Portugal, and France would get a great view within two or three minutes.

They estimated the entire launch phase to last approximately 10 minutes.

This launch isn’t like a classic NASA event with some massive spacecraft launching vertically into the sky.

First, Cosmic Girl is an old Boeing 747.

Moreover, the view from Spaceport Cornwall seemed quite similar to any other plant taking off into the night sky.

Its left-wing brought the LauncherOne will be released at 35,000ft over the Atlantic Ocean.

Later, it would accelerate to 8,000mph on the mission to deploy seven satellites into orbit.

It was a huge moment for the UK’s space program as the UK became the first Europe country to launch satellites into orbit.

The satellites will do several tasks, including monitoring illegal fishing, trafficking, terrorism, smuggling, and piracy.

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