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Guam: Flood Advisory in Effect

Credit: @NWSGuam/Twitter

The National Weather Service Guam Forecast Office issued a flood advisory for the island and advised Guam residents to practice extra caution.

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According to a news release by Guam offices of Homeland Security and Civil Defense, the advisory remains in effect until 1:30 pm.

Guam Forecast Office expected urban and small stream flooding from excessive rainfall.

Therefore, residents and visitors should take the following precautionary actions to avoid further damage:

– If driving, be alert of slippery roads and low visibilities in heavy rain

– Turn Around, Don’t Down

– Slow down where water is ponding on the road

– Avoid driving or walking through flood waters, two feet of water can sweep your vehicle away, and six inches of moving water will knock you down

– Don’t Park, camp, or hike along rivers, streams, and creeks during heavy rain as these areas can flood quickly

– Inexperienced swimmers must remain out of the water during these dangerous conditions

The Guam Homeland Security also released a statement that an airport wind advisory is applied for the Guam International Airport until 3 pm.

In heavy rains, winds at 15-20 knots with guts to 30 knots are possible.

Therefore, residents and visitors should take caution if traveling in these conditions.

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Reananda Hidayat Permono
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