NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 Returned to Earth, Ready to Discuss Mission

Written by Reananda Hidayat Permono Completed Master of Science - MS, Petroleum Geology from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Four astronauts of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 mission returned to Earth following a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station.

The crew returned to Earth in a splashdown in Endurance, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, on Saturday, March 11, around the coast of Tampa.

They flew back to Houston shortly after. One of their main duties was performing scientific investigations and technology demonstrations.

On Wednesday, those astronauts will answer questions in a media conference at 2 pm EDT.

Viewers can watch the event on NASA Television, the NASA website, and the agency’s app.

NASA astronauts Josh Cassada and Nicole Mann, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Koichi Wakata and cosmonaut Anna Kikina will attend the event.

They will speak about the mission for the first time.

Interested media must contact the newsroom at Johnson Space Center in Houston before 5 pm Tuesday, March 14.

Media must call 281-483-5111 or email to participate virtually.

On Wednesday, reporters must dial the news conference before noon to ask questions.

Besides, reporters may also submit questions on social media using the hashtag #AskNASA.

Wakata and Mann completed two spacewalks for 14 hours and 2 minutes during their mission.

Meanwhile, Cassada completed three spacewalks, giving him a lifetime total of 21 hours and 24 minutes.