Where to Watch Top Gun: Maverick for Christmas Holiday?

Written by Reananda Hidayat Permono Completed Master of Science - MS, Petroleum Geology from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

People are looking for great movies to fill their Christmas holiday, and yes, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is definitely one of them.

It was a highly anticipated sequel to the memorable Top Gun back in 1986. However, Top Gun: Maverick has been grounded several times since its initial remake in 2010.

Tony Scott, the director of Top Gun who would create the remake, passed away in 2012.

Later, it gained momentum when Joseph Kosinski, known for his marvelous CGI effects, agreed to do the sequel.

But the filming process got another problem due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Finally, with its incredible soundtrack and action scenes, Top Gun: Maverick hit cinemas in May 2022 and earned almost 1.5 billion worldwide.

The movie successfully entertains nostalgic fans by bringing back characters from the first movie. The death of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw still haunts Maverick, Tom Cruise’s character.

Maverick agrees to train Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, Goose’s son, for the high-stakes mission. It gets more complicated when Rooster still blames Maverick for his father’s death.

Top Gun: Maverick feels real since Tom Cruise and other actors and actresses fly in real fighter jets piloted by professionals.

You can see Maverick’s action on performing near-death-defying maneuvers by watching it on Paramount+ starting December 22nd.

Designed by Alexander Rabu