Meet Taylor Swift, TIME Person of the Year 2023

Meet Taylor Swift, TIME Person of the Year 2023

Written by Reananda Hidayat Permono Completed Master of Science - MS, Petroleum Geology from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Taylor Swift, one of the popular music divas, has been all over the news this year and was chosen as the TIME Person of the Year 2023.

This award proves that the 33-year-old pop diva has yet to go out of style.

Time editor Sam Lansky wrote Swift is one of the world’s biggest singers and a wealthy businesswoman, estimating she has crested $1 billion.

Lansky also said that something has shifted this year. Swift became the main character since discussing her movements felt like discussing politics.

She has invited massive crowds amid her ongoing Eras Tour, which will continue next year globally in cities like Paris, Tokyo, and London.

A company estimated, in the US alone, the tour could generate almost $5 billion in consumer spending.

Furthermore, she has released a three-hour IMAX movie called Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour that lets fans experience the show deeper.

AMC Theatres, the distributor, earned more than $250 million on the film as of late last month. The winner of the TIME Person of the Year 2023 also got attention on her personal life.

Her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce garnered overwhelming attention, peacefully uniting football fans and Swifties.

The couple often appeared publicly together. Swift cheered Kelce at Chief’s game, while Kelce attended the Eras Tour.

2023 belongs to Taylor Swift, and 2023 isn’t even over yet.

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