Written by Reananda Hidayat Permono Completed Master of Science - MS, Petroleum Geology from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Denzel Washington’s Energy Sparks in The Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington’s Energy Sparks in The Equalizer 3


Denzel Washington played Robert McCall's character in The Equalizer 3 as he, once again, presents a pathologically American action hero.

McCall is retired from his job for the DIA, yet he still works at a hardware store just to have something to do.

Somehow, he knows that violence is always the answer.

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Besides, he has a feeling that he could have a more fulfilling life in Europe, which is where he plays The Equalizer 3.

He got somewhere on the Amalfi Coast, after exterminating some bad people in Sicily.

Robert McCall has been taken in by the residents of a small town who spend their days navigating narrow streets and eating authentic food down by the waterfront.

After all, what he needs to do is kill a few dozen members of the Camorra group who are terrorizing the place.

Antoine Fuqua, who has directed all three Equalizers, The Equalizer 3 will be the last series for him and Denzel Washington.

As an incredible killing machine, the third movie barely even tries to pretend that Robert McCall will have trouble slaughtering the organized criminals.

But the movie still has suspense for a different reason.

It comes from the question of whether McCall will stay in Italy, where he finds some close relationships with everyone nearby.

Ready for another journey with Washington? Go watch The Equalizer 3 now.