Tesla, Inc. Bounces Back in Q4

Tesla, Inc. Bounces Back in Q4

Elon Musk is confident Tesla, Inc. is going to have a wonderful time at the end of the year because of their electric vehicle project.

The CEO said people love to have electric vehicles amid unstable gas prices.

Tesla stock received over $21.5 billion in revenue from the fiscal quarter earnings in September.

However, the total revenue is still below analysts’ expectations and TSLA stock witnessed a slight dip.

Elon Musk and Tesla, Inc. need to prove people still want to buy their cars despite fears of recession.

Daniel Ives, a technology analyst at Wedbush Securities, said investors need to have some comfort in this situation.

Therefore, the comfort could come in the form of a stock buyback.

It’s understandable since buyback activity normally boosts stock prices and earnings.

Another problem comes from China as manufacturing companies like BYD and XPeng become stronger competitors.

China is one of Tesla’s largest markets but Elon Musk said it’s important to focus on the long term.

Tesla, Inc. produced more than 365,000 vehicles and delivered 343,000 cars to customers in the quarter.

Hence, Musk claimed Tesla got an excellent demand for Q4 and expected to sell every car they make.

The company opened its first factory in Europe (Germany) but has paused expansion ever since.

President Biden is promising incentives for electric automakers in the U.S. so it can keep Tesla’s earnings.