Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness Much Deeper

Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness Much Deeper

US President Joe Biden announced the student loan forgiveness program that can erase borrowers' federal student loan debt up to $20,000.

The government believes this program can help Americans properly manage their budget. Hence, here are some answers about the student loan forgiveness plan that you need to understand.

At what age do student loans get written off? Never. Federal student loans are never written off.

However, banks and loan holders write off their debts when they lose the right to sue borrowers for missing payments.

Will my student loans ever go away? Besides student loan forgiveness, there are some loan discharge options that you can use to wipe out your remaining loan balance, for example:

- After 10 years - Public Service Loan Forgiveness - After 20 years - IDR forgiveness and 20-year student loan forgiveness - When you die, or a parent dies - Parent PLUS Loan Forgiveness

Can student loans take your Social Security? By law, Social Security can take disability and retirement benefits to repay student loans in default.

Furthermore, Social Security can take up to 15% of a person's benefits.

Will Biden's loan forgiveness be automatic? The government estimated there are 8 million federal student loan borrowers who will automatically receive the student loan forgiveness plan.

How can I get rid of my 25k student loan? Besides the student loan forgiveness plan, you can tackle your student loan debt using some classic debt repayment strategies.

One of those is the debt snowball approach, where you list your debts from the smallest to the largest balance.

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