2022’s Biggest Space Stories

Written by Reananda Hidayat Permono Completed Master of Science - MS, Petroleum Geology from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

The space sector is developing faster than before in 2022, both in private projects and government-funded planetary exploration missions.

Here are some popular global developments in astronomy and space in 2022:

1. Private space tourism Blue Origin’s New Shephard, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, launched six passengers in each mission in March, June, and August.

The first all-private crew flew from the US to the International Space Station (ISS).

2. India’s private sector boom The Indian private sector witnessed a series of launches and missions this year. The country’s first private rocket was launched by ISRO.

The country’s first private rocket was launched by ISRO.

3. China’s space station China has completed the Tiangong space station by putting its laboratory modules in July and October.

The space station consists of the core module, two science labs, robotic cargo ships, and a dockable lifeboat.

4. Artemis-1 NASA continued space missions to the moon by launching Artemis-1. The mission aims to establish a human presence on the moon after more than 70 years.

5. A successful planetary defense experiment NASA’s DART mission headed toward the asteroid Dimorphos and affected its moon, Didymos, to change its orbit.

This mission shortened the orbit of the moon by 33 minutes.

6. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Russia canceled many Soyuz launches to the ISS.

Besides, Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, removed the Japanese and American flags from the Soyuz rocket design.

Russia also declared to stop supplying rocket engines to the US.

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