Meta: Meet US ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ Class

Meta: Meet US ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ Class

By: Reananda Hidayat Permono

Completed Master Degree from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Meta and Mark Zuckerberg announced the 25 members of its US ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ program that focuses on highlighting new voices.

It’s a program to embrace promising talents and empowers them to shape culture and drive connection.

Moreover, these 25 creators represent a new generation of voices.

The 25 talents are selected across five content categories, listed as follows: 1. Redefining Community: Creators who embrace social change

2. #NoFilter Empowerment: Break down barriers through a conversation about humanity

3. Creative Excellence: “Top level” creators who use unique ways to express themselves

4. On the Rise: Meta creators who use popular culture for their content

Future-Ready: NFT, Web3, and VR creators who create futuristic content

Hence, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta will work with those 25 creators to expand their audiences over the next year.

Besides maximizing engagement, Mark Zuckerberg understands that he needs to win over creators to push his metaverse dream.

Meta’s top creators must be able to create engaging and unique experiences in the VR world to draw audiences in.

Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg creates Meta’s new program that contains both immediate and longer-term benefits.

On the other hand, those 25 creators can provide some useful insights to help Mark Zuckerberg maximizes his metaverse project.