Meta Bans Children Under 12 from Rec Room on Quest

Meta Bans Children Under 12 from Rec Room on Quest

Meta and Meta Quest will ban junior accounts on the social Virtual Reality (VR) app Rec Room due to the company's general terms of service.

Therefore, children under 13 will switch to other platforms in the future.

Launched by Meta in 2016, Rec Room is an interesting mix of game builder and online social hangout

It can be played with or without a VR headset.

Rec Room collected about ten times as many monthly users as Horizon Worlds, another product from Meta Quest.

The app has collaborative crafting in an online network and is easy to use, so it attracts Meta's young audience.

However, children under 13 will no longer be allowed to play on Meta Quest.

Rec Room said on Twitter earlier that Mark Zuckerberg and Meta will remove junior accounts from the Quest version starting November 14, 2023.

It fits Meta's general terms of service for not allowing people under the age of 13 on the Quest platform.

However, it doesn't explain why Rec Room's Junior account was available in the first place.

Therefore, Meta Quest players can report accounts that don't provide honest information about their age.

Mark Zuckerberg has provided other Meta Quest platforms that are still accessible for junior accounts.