Meta: WhatsApp ‘Super-App’ to Start Making Real Money

Meta: WhatsApp ‘Super-App’ to Start Making Real Money

Facebook was rebranded, and Mark Zuckerberg took over WhatsApp for $22 billion.

The texting platform has increased by almost 400 million users over five years and has become Meta’s biggest acquisition.

However, WhatsApp has only produced around $29 billion, and most revenue comes from digital advertising.

After all, that number drops from the results seen in 2021.

Hence, the news of fewer users and slow growth should be serious problems for Meta and Mark Zuckerberg.

Understandably, authorities may convert WhatsApp into a ‘super-app,’ just like WeChat from China.

But it’s a great challenge to create a new platform above the current existing app.

Meta should push enterprises to market, chat, and serve their clients via text.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic proved how many people loved using texting platforms for business communications.

Yes, WhatsApp is severely under-monetized, but Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are trying to release new monetization models.

The first method to generate revenue is coming from advertisers who pay for their messages.

Digital advertising worked well for Facebook as small-scale businesses in the international market mostly send texts to their buyers.

Besides, Meta’s executives also try to make sales from customer service software. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth trying.

Designed by Alexander Rabu