Go Get Your McDonald’s Halloween Buckets!

Go Get Your McDonald’s Halloween Buckets!

McDonald’s fans can get the latest version of McDonald‘s Halloween Buckets that are served in decorative pails as trick-or-treat buckets.

The Halloween Happy Meal buckets were released in 1986 and periodically returned to the franchise menu.

It has updated artwork and is sometimes themed after characters like “Scooby Doo” or “Monster High.”

The newest McDonald’s Halloween Buckets menu offers a trio of white, orange, and green pails.

They, nicknamed McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n, were first offered in the late ’80s.

Furthermore, the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets feature three different faces on the outside of the pails.

Customers can find the Halloween Happy Meal buckets at all McDonald’s chains until October 31.

However, some Twitter users have shared that not every Mcdonald’s restaurant provides all three buckets on Tuesday.