How to Set Up Bing Ads Account

How to Set Up Bing Ads Account

Bing is a popular search engine with a billion monthly visitors, business owners should consider using Bing Ads to boost their sales.

Despite Google is still the biggest search engine in the world, you shouldn’t ignore the power of Bing advertising.

Why Using Bing Ads? – Microsoft Bing Ads is the second largest search engine in the world with a 6.7 percent market share

– More than 1 billion people use Windows 10 and Microsoft owns Bing Ads, so, you do the math! – The average click-through rate (CTR) for Bing shopping Ads is 1.25 percent, meanwhile, Google Ads has 0.86 percent CTR

How to Set Up Bing Account 1. Create a Microsoft advertising account You need to have a Microsoft Advertising account because Bingads is a part of Microsoft advertising.

2. Choose the right Bing Ads keywords Make sure you choose the right keywords, so your ad will reach the right audience.

3. Track your Bing Ads result Checking the effectiveness of your campaign can be done with two metrics: CPC and conversion rate.

You can check the CPC and conversion rate of Bing Ads from the “Campaigns” tab.