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Can You Negotiate with Hilton Hotel?

Can You Negotiate with Hilton Hotel?


Hilton Hotel and HotelKey co-developed a new cloud-based technology called Property Engagement Platform (PEP) to help hotel reservations.

The platform can provide quick computer-based transactions at the front desk and reduce guest waits.

Therefore, hotel team members can have enough amount of time to provide personalized service to Hilton guests.

Homewood Suites by Hilton Largo Washington DC in the US is one of the Hilton Hotels to implement PEP.

The company is expected to implement PEP in more than 7,000 hotels around the world over the next three years.

Here is more information about Hilton Hotel that may interest you.

What is Hilton's reputation? Hilton’s brand is ranked #84 in Global Top 100 Brands.

It’s a list of famous brands as rated by Hilton’s customers.

Is Hilton a big company? Hilton is a leading hospitality company with 18 world-class brands consisting of 1.1 million rooms and 7,000 properties in 122 countries.

What is the most expensive standard Hilton room? Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi in Maldives has one of the most expensive Hilton rooms.

The hotel room costs more than $2,000/night during the peak travel season.

Can you negotiate with Hilton Hotels? Yes, it’s possible to negotiate with Hilton Hotel.

You can even negotiate on arrival by telling the desk clerk and asking if there is a lower rate.

However, you need to wait until the desk is not busy.