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Seattle Seahawks Mourn Alex Collins Death

Seattle Seahawks Mourn Alex Collins Death


The Seattle Seahawks organization is mourning Alex Collins's death, a beloved teammate during his two tenures with the team.

Alex Collins passed away on Monday due to a motorcycle accident.

Besides announcing his death, Collin’s family also said in a statement that Alex was cherished by supporters from all around the world.

The family requested fans’ thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

They also asked for privacy and would provide updates regarding funeral arrangements when they became available.

John Schneider, Seahawks executive VP, and general manager, also shared his thought about Alex Collins's death.

Schneider said Alex enjoyed life and attacked it on the football field as he was one of the most productive runners in SEC history.

His infectious smile and river dance skills will forever be missed. Collins joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2016 as a fifth-round pick.

After spending time in Baltimore, he returned to Seattle in 2020 and 2021, Collins got praise from coaches and teammates as he helped spark the running game.

In 2021, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Collins got a great spirit that he brought to the team.

Collins became a fan favorite for his joyful demeanor and big smile, along with this signature Irish dance touchdown celebration.