Are you a news site?

No we are not. We are a socio-political blog – our focus is on political commentary and not breaking news. We believe that non-mainstream, independent sites like us are more suited towards commenting on current affairs than to report the news, given that we lack the infrastructure, information network and financial resources that the mainstream media has to deliver breaking news, but possess the expertise, non-profit status and independence required to make a meaningful contribution to our public discourse.

Consensus is strictly non-profit. This means that our writers are not influenced by any profit motive. We write not because we are paid, but because we are truly passionate about what we write about.

Do you have an agenda?

Of course we have an agenda! Everybody who participates in civil society has one agenda or another. Our agenda is to promote awareness of topics that are important to our society and encourage constructive dialogue about the issues surrounding them.

Do you accept donations?

We only accept donations from Singaporean Citizens, and any donations made will be fully documented. All donations must be unconditional – i.e. they must not be contingent on Consensus SG promoting a particular cause, or demonstrating a preference of any sort.

All donations will be directed towards the promotion, operation and maintenance of Consensus SG.

If you wish to make a contribution, please refer to our donation page.

Who are your writers?

People who contribute to this blog come from all walks of life. None of us are full-time writers – we all have a day job. We are lawyers, students, civil servants. What binds us together is our love for Singapore, and our desire to contribute new perspective on the future of our society.

Aren’t you all just a bunch of keyboard warriors?

Hardly! Contrary to what some might think, blogging is not the only thing we do. Every person who has contributed to this site has helped their community in some substantial way, whether through volunteering in their local community, donating to local welfare organisations, or offering their professional services to those in need.