About us

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Constructive exchange of ideas

Consensus is a socio-political blog created to raise awareness about issues concerning our society and encourage meaningful discussions about them. Our writers care deeply about Singapore, and we want to make a positive contribution to the discourse surrounding the future of our country.

Our name is derived from the idea that we often assume that there is a ‘consensus’ in our society – that there is one specific way to do things, and that just because things are done a certain way, we should continue doing them that way.

We intend to challenge this idea by demonstrating that there are multiple ways to look at the important issues that affect us. It is only through the constructive exchange of ideas, that progress is achieved.

Non-profit status

Consensus does not make any profit. We operate at a loss. In order to preserve the integrity of our content, we do not accept paid stories.

Guest contributions

We invite you to join a community of writers and contribute to our local political discourse. We want this blog to host a diversity of perspectives, and to be a meaningful source of ideas. Hence, we want to hear from people from all areas of the political spectrum.

Our by-lines have appeared in publications like The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Straits Times, TODAY, as well as in studies conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies.

If you wish to contribute something, drop us a message here!

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